Intergroup Relations

IGR hall sign.

IGR Alumni often want to know how they can stay in touch with our work after they graduate. We are always happy when we get this question- we want to stay in touch with you too! 

We have compiled a list of several ways you can connect to the current work we are doing. Please email deepali(at) if you have any questions or need any more specific information!

  • To join the IGR Alumni Committee - Send an email message to to express your interest. New members are only accepted during a certain time of year. If we receive your message while the application period is closed, we will gladly keep your name on file for the following year if you would like. 
  • To learn about IGR current events and news - Subscribe to monthly issues of the IGR Newsletter: (Scroll halfway down the page and look in the left sidebar for a subscription box)
  • To hear announcements about upcoming webinars on intergroup dialogue, social justice, and diversity work - Subscribe to the IGR Live Webinar Series mailing list: (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the signup form).
  • To connect with us on IGR's general social media pages and sites - Click here to find our social media links: (scroll halfway down the page on the right-hand side to find clickable social media icons).
  • To connect with IGR staff and other alumni on IGR's alumni-only Facebook group- Click here to request to join 
  • To volunteer to have an alumni profile written about you (or recorded on video) for our website and newsletter - Send a message to deepali(at) to express your interest.