Intergroup Relations

March 2015
In a new feature, we ask IGR students and alumni each month for their opinion on a fun question that relates to issues that are discussed within IGR's courses and co-curricular activities.
This month's question is: "Name a TV show you watch and tell us a little bit about how identity politics play out in the show."


Kathryn Abercrombie 
IGR Senior, Majoring in Political Science
IGR Alumni Student Coordinator
TV Show I Watch: House of Cards
"I've noticed that the show tries to reflect the gender and racial dynamics currently in question in Washington, D.C. Those in the higher rankings of party leadership are mostly older white men with only a few people of color and women. I presume that this was a conscious decision on the casting director's part as commentary on the demographics of people in politics."


Bernice M Hardman, MSW
IGR Alumna

TV Show I Watch: Empire

"Some critics would believe Empire is a stereotypical black televisions program centered around hip- hop, witty punch lines, and predictable storylines. However, it shines light on issues which are better left in the dark, especially within the black community. Yes, America, black homosexuality, mental illness/health, and the struggle of keeping a dysfunctional family functional is now in the home."

Bo Bradarich
IGR Senior, Double-majoring in Sociology and English
TV Show I Watch: House
"Head Doctor, Gregory House, struggles with his ability status. Unable to come to grips with the fact that he needs helps with his leg, House uses substance abuse as a way to escape the physical pain of his injury as well as the  personal, internal conflicts he deals with every day. House struggles with images of self, refusing treatment as a way to avoid looking like a "weak" or "inferior" man and doctor.

Faith Darnell
IGR Junior, majoring in Sociology
TV Show I Watch: Bring It!
"I watch a show called Bring it! It's a show that follows a black majorette dance team called the dancing dolls and I really love it and I was expressing to one of my friends about how I like the show and she responded to me "eww that show is a ratchet version of Dance Moms." I was really offended by her response because I feel like she was racially stereotyping the show. It is not ratchet at all. It's culturally different of course but it should not be compared to a white dance show. It is its own entity."


Leslie Vasquez
IGR Office Assistant

TV Show I Watch: Jane the Virgin

"This show is about a young Latina woman trying to maintain the traditions of her family and how she was raised while still working to be her own person and achieve her own success."