Intergroup Relations



The Curriculum Specialist Position

CommonGround seeks for an active pool of 2 Curriculum Specialists each semester.

Incoming Curriculum Specialists are expected to: 

  • Attend full 3 day retreat at start of semester:
    • Date TBD
  • Attend  bi-weekly meetings; held from TBD
    • Purpose: Our hope would be that the meetings strengthen the CommonGround Community and increase the knowledge, skills and awareness of our facilitators and curriculum specialists as well as the level of support provided to our facilitators and curriculum specialists. Each week, facilitators and curriculum specialists will have the opportunity to gain more practice, get to know each other, prepare for upcoming workshops. 
  • Commit to weekly curriculum specialist team meeting (1 hour plus addition time for individual work)
  • Sign commitment contract


Curriculum Specialist Position Requirements:

  • Some prior facilitation experience (not necessarily with IGR) and basic knowledge about social justice concepts such as social identity, power, privilege, and oppression.

  • In following with the IGR mission, a commitment to the pursuit of social justice through education is vital.

  • Time and energy to commit to this position.

Apply to be a Curriculum Specialist.

Deadline: TBD 


Please email us at with any questions or concerns. Thank you!