Intergroup Relations

Adam Falkner

2007 U-M graduate Adam Falkner says:

"We need to learn each other. And we need to learn ourselves." 

And that is exactly what Falkner seeks to do in his work as a writer, performer, high school English teacher and the Founder and Executive Director of the Dialogue Arts Project, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to using the arts and the creative process as a means of generating and sustaining cross-cultural dialogue.

Falkner recently delivered a TEDx talk at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, entitled "How can writing change the world?" Click below to watch his honest, creative, and poignant talk.

Falkner spent significant time in IGR as a U-M student and it has helped to shape the work he does today. He is quoted in Dialogue Across Difference as saying:

"To say that my experience in intergroup dialogue influenced my professional direction would be a wild understatement... [As a teacher] I knew that I wanted to be responsible for facilitating dialogue and balancing voices in an intergroup setting, and I was given an early look at a highly effective classroom. I was also moved by IGR's... belief in the universal human need for communication across lines of identity, and the extent to which the dialogue environments IGR created gave permission for that unspoken want to surface in the form of empathic, courageous conversation... In my current high school classroom, I am constantly attempting to create settings that "uncork" something similar and grant my students permission to connect with that same universal human desire for communication."