Intergroup Relations

IGR community wall of photos

April 2015

If you've been to an IGR study break, gotten your photo on our Community Wall (called "The Many Faces of IGR"), engaged in IGR's conversation nights (such as the one on yoga and cultural appropriation), or been involved as a student in any way this past semester, then you've probably interacted with IGR's Student Engagement Team!

The team's goal is to bring together all students involved in IGR's various programs and initiatives, in order to develop camaraderie and build community. Says Carly Manes, a current member of the team:

 A lot of students don't know each other so we try to create more of a community feeling by providing ways for IGR students to engage with like-minded IGR peers outside of their own area of  involvement.

For the Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 terms, Manes has served in the role of Student Engagement Coordinator. She has implemented many fun, enriching, and successful activities that IGR looks forward to continuing in the future. The program will say a fond farewell to Manes in just a few days and would like to express gratitude for her significant contributions and welcome presence in the office.

For the next three terms, students Gloriela Iguina-Colon and Elena Ross will be serving in Co-Student Engagement Coordinator roles. The program is excited to bring their warmth, enthusiasm, intelligence, and skills on board.