Intergroup Relations

Please see the IGR Electives page for a list of pre-approved courses which meet the Intergroup Relations Education Minor elective requirement.

If you are taking, or would like to take, a course that you believe would be a good elective for the IGR Minor, please first reference the elective criteria:

  • The course must address social identities and intergroup relations in some way.
  • The course should discuss issues of inequality, power, privilege, and oppression.
  • Or the course should focus on leadership and social change.
  • The elective must be at least a 200-level course

If you think a course meets the requirements, please send a message to Kelly Maxwell ( and Stephanie Hicks ( and include the following:

  1. A brief write up of the course and why you believe it should be an IGR Minor Elective
  2. A copy of the course syllabus

Click here for general information about the Minor in Intergroup Relations Education.