Intergroup Relations

Contested Issues

Purchase select IGR book publications:

Contested Issues in Troubled Times (2019)
Edited book by Peter M. Magolda, Marcia Baxter Magolda, and Rozana Carducci
Chapter 2: Learning Dialogic Skills for Effective Campus Conversations
By Monita C. Thompson and Kelly Maxwell

Faculty Identities and the Challenge of Diversity (2016 [2013])
Reflections on Teaching in Higher Education
Edited by Mark A. Chesler and Alford A. Young Jr.

"The material in this book, which focuses on the experiences and approaches of faculty members of diverse backgrounds, can be a bridge between our IGR dialogue theory/practice and more mainstream classroom issues/pedagogies and departmental dynamics.”
– Dr. Mark Chesler

Conservative Christian Beliefs AND Sexual Orientation IN Social Work (2014)
Privilege, Oppression, and the Pursuit of Human Rights
Edited by Adrienne B. Dessel, Rebeccas M. Bolen

Dialogue Across Difference: Practice, Theory, and Research on Intergroup Dialogue (2013)
By Patricia Gurin, Biren (Ratnesh) A. Nagda, and Ximena Zuniga

“Dialogue Across Differences is the culmination of a four-year collaboration across nine universities to conduct a rigorous, experimental study of intergroup dialogue that demonstrates a wide range of effects on intergroup understanding, positive intergroup relationships, and collaborative action.” – Dr. Patricia Gurin

Facilitating Intergroup Dialogues: Bridging Differences, Catalyzing Change (2011)
Edited by Kelly E. Maxwell, Biren (Ratnesh) A. Nagda, and Monita C. Thompson, Forward by Patricia Gurin