Intergroup Relations

We follow a workshop request process so that your experience as requesters meets your expectations and addresses the growing needs of our campus.

  • Requests accepted by semester: We can only accept workshop requests for the current semester. We will accept workshop requests for the Fall (Oct - Dec) starting on August 1st, for the Winter (Jan - Apr) starting on December 1st, and for the Spring/Summer (May - Aug) starting on April 1st. We can accept workshop requests until we reach capacity for the semester.
  • Waitlist: Once we have reached our capacity for workshops for the semester, we will add requesting groups to our waitlist. If a space opens up (e.g. another workshop gets cancelled), we will reach out to groups on the waitlist to schedule a workshop.

We are committed to working with different groups across U-M to develop workshops that are tailored their goals and needs. Just as we have in the past, CommonGround will work with you (the requester) to schedule workshops for a day/time that will work best for your group and our schedule.

Here are some additional tips for requesting a workshop!

  • Please be sure to read through the What is CommonGround? article before submitting a request. This article answers many frequently asked questions about the workshops and workshop process.
  • Please follow our guidelines (listed on the Request Form) for what types of requests we can and cannot accommodate

  • We can only officially confirm your workshop once we have confirmed facilitators who can lead it.

We are excited to start working with you or to continue our partnership! We welcome any feedback or questions you have about these workshop processes; please reach out to