Intergroup Relations

Many faces of IGR

August 2018

We’re excited to announce that IGR’s Student Engagement Team will now be called the Student
Experience Team (SET). Why, you ask? It’s because we’re all about your student experience! Don’t
worry, we’ll still build community (like “The Many Faces of IGR” installation), put on programs and
initiatives that you want (like our past Fall Open House events), and check-in with you to see how
we’re doing.

As your Student Experience Team, we want to ensure that you feel a sense of community with
your fellow IGR students, staff, and faculty, as well as have an opportunity to sample all that IGR has to offer
and feel supported in your University of Michigan experience.

We’re currently building our team, and are in the process of hiring a Program Coordinator who will
be carrying out SET’s work, along with the Senior Program Manager, Hamida Bhagirathy (she/her/hers).