Intergroup Relations

Alumni and students at a table.

Alumni often ask how they can continue their connection to IGR.  One way is to meet with other IGR alums in their area to create or join a “City Club” or regional collection of IGR alumni.  These clubs meet independently and are supported by IGR for marketing and communication purposes.  We would love for you to reconnect with IGR and other alums near you!

What Do City Clubs Do?

You loved your time with IGR while at U-M.  Now, enjoy the same open space and camaraderie in your local area.  City clubs are free to determine what kind of activities they may want to undertake.  Each city club is different depending on the alumni in their area and their desired level of involvement and activity.  At minimum, we expect that in order to sustain a city club at least two events must be held per year.

IGR is happy to serve as a resource to help clubs come up with engaging and exciting activities.  We have a plethora of ice-breakers and themed meetings to help make your club meeting exactly what you want.  For example, meetings can be oriented around reviewing a particular book, discussing a current event, or even hosting a dialogue.  Reciprocally, city clubs may brainstorm ways to fundraise for IGR so others can engage in the experiences that Alums carry with them today.

Who “Runs” the Clubs?

You do!  Clubs are run by the individuals in their respective clubs and led by two “city captains.”  City captains are members of IGR’s Alumni Committee and serve as the local city club’s go-to for club-related information.  These captains are responsible for being the liaisons to IGR about the club and the point person for alumni in the area.  City clubs have the autonomy to determine the logistics of their membership and activity schedule.  IGR is happy to help connect alumni in the area through marketing and social media, but the city clubs are free to create social media accounts and groups on their own.  Likewise, city clubs should feel free to create club-specific literature regarding membership or club happenings.

How is IGR Involved?

We like to think of the city clubs as external vehicles of past IGR participants rekindling their experiences in the real world.  IGR is always available for support but is not the club’s regulatory authority.  Given IGR’s administrative role, we are happy to help connect local alumni in your specific area to city club captains.  IGR has access to the list of alumni in your area and is happy to send invitations for local happenings.  Best yet, IGR can share and promote your events on IGR’s website and social media outlets. 

How is the Alumni Committee Involved?

As a developing Alumni network, the Alumni Committee has the potential for becoming the city clubs’ main source of information.  Our goal is for the Alumni Committee to develop a sub-committee focused exclusively on overseeing city clubs.  This group will help connect local alumni with their respective city club.  Moreover, the sub-committee can take on small projects related to the city clubs.  For example, they can help monitor feedback from the city clubs to report to the Alumni Committee at large.  Eventually, this sub-committee can help develop and administer a mentorship program for IGR alumni and current IGR students. (Until this sub-committee is developed, the Alumni Student Coordinator will serve this role.)

How do I get Involved?

First, get in touch with Christiana Allen-Pipkin ( to find out if there is a local city club in your area.  If so, we’ll be sure to get you in touch with the city captain.  If there is no club and you’re a member of the Alumni Committee, you can become your local area’s next city captain.  If you’re not yet a member of the Alumni Committee, we’ll explain the process and have you well on your way!

Click here to see if there's an email list for a city club in your area.