Intergroup Relations

Monita and Kelly

Dear Friends,

It is our good fortune to be able to work with The Program on Intergroup Relations at the University of Michigan. IGR has the distinction of being the first intergroup relations program of its kind in higher education. Undergraduate students are an integral part of the program and the learning process. Our sequence of social justice education courses, in particular intergroup dialogues, as well as our co-curricular offerings, make a significant contribution to the education and experience of the U-M community.

We believe that knowledge about social diversity is essential to becoming responsible global citizens. The need for understanding between and across cultures is crucial to the development of students. We teach and learn about social group identity, social relations, intercultural communication, and social justice. We encourage students, staff, and faculty to learn about differences and similarities, to embrace them and to find commonality in the human experience. To this end, we focus on gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, religion, ability status, socioeconomic class, and nationality.

The founders and past directors planted and cultivated our roots in intergroup dialogue. With institutional support and most importantly, the considerable contributions of our students, we have continued the work of those who began the journey. Our expanded vision now includes a comprehensive offering in social justice education.

This website includes information about all facets of the program. For those of you who know us, welcome home. For others, we would like to introduce you to IGR and encourage you to explore our work. We are pleased to provide you with this information, and especially, we invite you to join us in this adventure.

Monita C. Thompson & Kelly E. Maxwell