Intergroup Relations

Winter 2014 Common Ground Retreat

Workshop Facilitators:

Since our inception, we have facilitated over 300 workshops to over 8,500 participants in residence halls, student organizations, and other venues. These short, request-based workshops strive to promote and enhance awareness around social identity development and group dynamics, prejudice, stereotyping, power, privilege and oppression. We offer an opportunity for all graduate and undergraduate students to develop as facilitators while also building a community of social justice educators on campus.

The Workshop Facilitator Position

In an effort to balance the number of workshops we facilitate each semester with the quality of our work, CommonGround seeks for an active pool of 15-30 Workshop Facilitators each semester.

Incoming Workshop Facilitators are expected to: 

  • Attend full 3 day retreat at start of semester:
    • Friday 9/19, Saturday 9/20, Sunday 1/21
  • Attend 3 weekly meetings per month; held from 6:00--7:30 M-F on a rotating schedule 
    • Purpose: Our hope would be that the meetings strengthen the CommonGround Community and increase the knowledge, skills and awareness of our facilitators as well as the level of support provided to our facilitators.   Each week, facilitators will have the opportunity to gain more practice, get to know each other, prepare for upcoming workshops and engage in community events such as CommonTime. 
  • Commit to facilitate 2 workshops per month (3 hour average for each workshop including Workshop Planning Meeting and actual workshop)
  • Meet w/ Small Group Leader for additional support and coaching (once a month)
  • Sign commitment contract

Workshop Facilitator Position Requirements:

  • Some prior facilitation experience (not necessarily with IGR) and basic knowledge about social justice concepts such as social identity, power, privilege, and oppression.

  • In following with the IGR mission, a commitment to the pursuit of social justice through education is vital.

  • Time and energy to commit to this position, including facilitating at least 2-3 workshops per month, which includes workshop preparation and administrative follow-up.

Apply to be a Workshop Facilitator

Deadline: January 15, 2018 


Please email us at with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Request a Workshop

  • We will begin accepting workshop requests for the Spring/Summer semester starting April 1st (workshops held between June - August 2018; We cannot take any workshop requests for May 2018 this year).
  • At this time, we are at capacity the Winter semester (workshops held between January - April 2018). 

 We appreciate your understanding and look forward to working with you!

  • Requests must be submitted three (3) weeks prior to the intended workshop date.
  • The general purpose of these workshops is to create interactive spaces to engage in dialogue about social justice and social identity. If your organization is seeking mediation, the Office of Student Conflict Resolution ( or Student Activities and Leadership's Student Organization Support can serve as resources