Intergroup Relations

Students listening in class

The course sequence in Intergroup Relations is designed for students with intrest in social justice education and intergroup dialouge pedagogy. Intergroup Relations courses offer experience in both analyzing and understanding issues of diversity and social justice, as well as building practical skills to communicate across difference in the "real world." This is not a concentration or major.

I. Foundational Courses:

  • UC/PSYCH/SOC 122: Intergroup Dialogues (3 credits, may be elcted twice)
  • UC/PSYCH/SOC 218: Foundations of Intergroup Relations (3 credits) 

II. Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation Training and Practicum

  • UC 320/Psychology 310/Sociology 320: Training Processes for Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation. (This course should be completed by the end of the junior year, and must be completed by the first semester of the senior year.) (3 credits)
  • UC 321/Psychology 311/Sociology 321: Practicum in Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation. (This course is taken the semester after Psych 310/Soc 320/UC 320 is completed.) (4 credits)

III. Senior Capstone

  • UC 471: Social Justice in the Real World (3 credits, Usally offered in the Fall term)

IV. Elective Courses in Intergroup Relations

  • UC 375/Soc 375/Psych 312 Intergroup Conflict and Coexistence: Religion, Culture and Ethnicity (3 credits)
  • UC 421: Social Psychology in Community Settings (Pre-employment course for University Housing ResStaff) (Listed in Course Guide as UC 421: Field Practicum in a University Setting)