Intergroup Relations

Adriana Aldana and Davin Phoenix (Fall 2014)

For this profile, we are featuring two very dedicated and long-time members of the IGR community: Adriana Aldana and Davin Phoenix. These talented individuals have been involved in IGR over the last several years in numerous roles: as Graduate Student Instructors, Researchers, a Program Manager (Adriana), and as dedicated volunteers for IGR events. Both Adriana and Davin just received their Ph.D.s from U-M this summer, and have started the next phase of their lives in Irvine, California.

Photo of Adriana Aldana and Davin Pheonix

IGR Papers and Presentations (2013 - 2014)


Bolen, R., & Dessel, A. (2013). Is discrimination against Evangelical Christians a problem in social work education? Journal of Social Work Education, 49, 528-547.

Bolen, R., & Dessel, A. (in press). Conservative Christianity and social work: Converging and diverging perspectives. Journal of Social Work Education (LTE).

Man presenting to people on whiteboard

Staff Chat with Roger Fisher

For this edition of "Staff Chat", a regular feature where we share things you may not know about your favorite staff and faculty members, we sat down with the always-inspiring Roger Fisher. Roger is a Co-Associate Director of IGR.
Roger Fisher