Intergroup Relations

Alumni: Staying In Touch With IGR After Graduation

IGR Alumni often want to know how they can stay in touch with our work after they graduate. We are always happy when we get this question- we want to stay in touch with you too! 

We have compiled a list of several ways you can connect to the current work we are doing. Please email deepali(at) if you have any questions or need any more specific information!

IGR hall sign.

11th Annual Gurin Awards Winners (2014)

IGR was proud to present the Patricia Gurin Certificate of Merit to the following graduating seniors on Thursday, May 1:

Ronye Craft, Megan Fisher, Aliza Anis Hirani, Loren Lee, Blake Mackie, Melissa Manley, Eric Nagy, Ciarra Ross, Maja Tosic, Ozi K. Uduma, Jubek Yongo-Bure

Gurin awards