Intergroup Relations

Alumni Voices: Sharon Jacobs

This is the first in a series of “Alumni Voices” articles from IGR. The aim of the series is to provide alumni with a space to share their stories, and their journey from being an IGR student to where they are in their lives currently.

Sharon Jacobs

Photo of Sharon Jacobs

Conservative Christian Beliefs and Sexual Orientation in Social Work By Adrienne Dessel

IGR is proud to announce an upcoming major book publication, co-edited by IGR's Dr. Adrienne Dessel. Dr. Dessel's book, titled Conservative Christian Beliefs and Sexual Orientation in Social Work: Privilege, Oppression and the Pursuit of Human Rights, is slated for publication in Spring 2014 and includes four chapters on intergroup dialogue. It is co-edited by Rebecca M. Bolen at the University of Tennessee.

From the book description:

Adrienne Dessel

Alumni Spotlight: Joe Person

Joe Person’s passion for IGR began when he enrolled in a dialogue on sexual orientation during his second-year in the winter of 2004. Before graduating from U-M in 2006 with a BA in English Literature, he completed the IGR training program for dialogue facilitation. Following graduation, Joe joined the IGR team full-time serving as the Program Assistant for over two years and in 2011 he earned his Master’s degree in Public Policy from U-M. He currently works as a Research Associate & Project Evaluator for the American Institutes for Research (AIR) in Chicago.
Photo - Left to right: Joe Person, Ixta Rosa, Kendra Hentschel, Nitesh Singh

IGR Courses: Students Write About Their Experiences

IGR Conflict and Co-Existence Course
My name is Leslie V., I am a sophomore in LSA where I am majoring in 
International Studies, with a concentration on International Security, Policy, and Norms. My plans for the future include law school where I will either pursue a career in corporate law or international law.
Leslie V

Program Manager

The Assistant Director and the Program Manager (Laxmi Shastry) provide big-picture oversight to the set of programs IGR is involved with outside of the classroom. One of these programs is CommonGround. Because of this scope of vision, this position considers the sustainability, integrity, financial development, and cohesion of these programs, as well as other factors.