Intergroup Relations

IGR Courses: Students Write About Their Experiences

IGR Conflict and Co-Existence Course
My name is Leslie V., I am a sophomore in LSA where I am majoring in 
International Studies, with a concentration on International Security, Policy, and Norms. My plans for the future include law school where I will either pursue a career in corporate law or international law.
Leslie V

Program Manager

The Assistant Director and the Program Manager (Laxmi Shastry) provide big-picture oversight to the set of programs IGR is involved with outside of the classroom. One of these programs is CommonGround. Because of this scope of vision, this position considers the sustainability, integrity, financial development, and cohesion of these programs, as well as other factors.

Student Coordinators

CommonGround Workshop Program

The Program on Intergroup Relations

Student Coordinator Position


Logistics Coordinator: Max Stein

The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for much of the external communication outside the program, such as scheduling meetings between Program Managers and outside requestors and meetings within the CommonGround Team. The LC also creates and distributes the biweekly email digest, which lists available workshops in need of facilitators.  

Max Stein is the Logistics Coordinator for 2016-2017. He says:

Photo of Max Stein