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Goals of the position:

Logistics Coordinator: Max Stein

The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for much of the external communication outside the program, such as scheduling meetings between Program Managers and outside requestors and meetings within the CommonGround Team. The LC also creates and distributes the biweekly email digest, which lists available workshops in need of facilitators.  

Max Stein is the Logistics Coordinator for 2016-2017. He says:

Photo of Max Stein

Workshop Facilitators

Workshop Facilitators:

Since our inception, we have facilitated over 300 workshops to over 8,500 participants in residence halls, student organizations, and other venues. These short, request-based workshops strive to promote and enhance awareness around social identity development and group dynamics, prejudice, stereotyping, power, privilege and oppression. We offer an opportunity for all graduate and undergraduate students to develop as facilitators while also building a community of social justice educators on campus.

CommonGround thrives through the dedication and commitment of the 20-30 active workshop facilitators every semester.

Winter 2014 Common Ground Retreat

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