Intergroup Relations

Alumni Spotlight: Kartik Sidhar

Kartik Sidhar graduated with a degree in Sociology and General Biology in 2012. He is currently a student in the U-M School of Medicine. As an undergraduate student, Kartik was involved in several IGR classes, including being a dialogue participant and facilitating two dialogue classes (one on religion and the other on able-ism). 

Karthik Sidhar and Dr. Patricia Gurin

What Alumni Are Saying About IGR

On October 4-5, 2013, IGR held an alumni reunion in honor of our alumni weekend. It was a treasure for all of us to hear how IGR has impacted the lives of our former students. We thought we'd share some of these messages:

"Thanks for the walk down memory lane and bringing back all the great learnings that helped shape the leader I am."

Alumni sitting at tables during event

IGR Alumnus Delivers TEDx Talk on Dialogue Arts Project

2007 U-M graduate Adam Falkner says:

"We need to learn each other. And we need to learn ourselves." 

And that is exactly what Falkner seeks to do in his work as a writer, performer, high school English teacher and the Founder and Executive Director of the Dialogue Arts Project, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to using the arts and the creative process as a means of generating and sustaining cross-cultural dialogue.

Adam Falkner