Intergroup Relations

IGR Alumnus Delivers TEDx Talk on Dialogue Arts Project

2007 U-M graduate Adam Falkner says:

"We need to learn each other. And we need to learn ourselves." 

And that is exactly what Falkner seeks to do in his work as a writer, performer, high school English teacher and the Founder and Executive Director of the Dialogue Arts Project, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to using the arts and the creative process as a means of generating and sustaining cross-cultural dialogue.

Adam Falkner

Alumni Spotlight: Staci Daniels-Sommers and Patrick Howe

Staci Daniels-Sommers was very involved in a myriad of different IGR activities during her undergraduate years. She facilitated Intergroup Dialogue courses and worked with the Summer Youth Dialogues as a facilitator and a Program Manager. She graduated with her BA in 2007 and her MSW in 2011, both from U-M. Staci currently is serving as co-chair of the Alumni Committee, which is planning IGR’s Fall Alumni Weekend. She works for the Ginsberg Center at U-M and has a private psychotherapy and consulting practice.

Staci Daniels-Sommers and Patrick Howe

Getting Involved in Common Ground

What is Common Ground all about?

In February 2007, the Program on Intergroup Relations implemented a new opportunity for our campus community to request workshops about social identity and social justice. Since the inception of the CommonGround Program, students have been at the very center of the work as workshop facilitators and/or student coordinators.

CommonGround members meeting and talking

What is CommonGround?

Our CommonGround program is one way that student organizations, residence halls, Greek life, academic courses, and other campus communities can request programs that raise awareness about social identities (race, gender, socioeconomic status, etc.), prejudice, stereotyping, power, privilege, and oppression. Facilitated and coordinated by trained U-M undergraduate and graduate students, these interactive workshops help promote social identity development and enhance group dynamics, while building a community of social justice advocates on campus.

Common Ground Logo