Intergroup Relations

New Course Changes

Redesigned courses starting Fall 2020

Based on previous student facilitator feedback, IGR made adjustments in credit hours, requirements, and LSA Race and Ethnicity (RE) credit. In addition, IGR is providing financial compensation to students who facilitate ALA 321 along with the option of taking more credits (ALA 270) to better align student work with more equitable compensation and recognition models.

Introduction to Intergroup Dialogues

Preliminary textbook available to order: Introduction to Intergroup Dialogues

The preliminary version of the textbook, Introduction to Intergroup Dialogues edited by Stephanie Hicks is available to order. The book is required course material for IGR's ALA/PSYCH/SOC 122 dialogue course and is published and distributed by Cognella, Inc.

Cover image of preliminary IGR course textbook Introduction to Intergroup Dialogues

Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series

IGR’s Working Paper Series seeks to connect scholarship in social justice and dialogue-based education programs. The papers emphasize leading research and practice innovations conducted by leaders in the field of intergroup dialogue. All papers in the series are subject to rigorous peer review by IGR faculty and staff.

They include:


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