Intergroup Relations

The Liberatory Education Cord is worn with graduation caps and gowns to honor graduates who have made significant contributions to advance the mission of IGR and liberatory education. 

Liberatory education raises students' consciousness, preparing them to engage in larger social struggles for liberation. It attempts to empower learners to critique and challenge oppressive social conditions and to envision and work towards a more just society.

Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to receive this honor cord. The following experiences count toward the Liberatory Education Cord:

  • ALA 321 - Practicum
  • ALA 329 - Research Practicum
  • ALA 429 - IGR Capstone
  • ALA 471 - Leadership and Facilitation in Community Building
  • GSI for ALA 320 - Training or ALA 321 - Practicum
  • Summer Youth Dialogues social justice fellow
  • IGR Research Assistant for 1 semester
  • Graduate Intern
  • Office Assistants
  • CommonGround Programming Team
  • CommonGround Workshop Facilitator
  • CommonGround Curriculum Specialist

All students who receive the Gurin Certificate will also receive the Liberatory Education Cord.