Intergroup Relations

Redesigned courses starting Fall 2020 Based on previous student facilitator feedback, IGR made adjustments in credit hours, requirements, and LSA Race and Ethnicity (RE) credit. In addition, IGR is providing financial compensation to students who...
ALA 122/SOC 122/PSYCH 122 (2 credits) In Intergroup Dialogues, students will participate in semi-structured face-to-face meetings across different social identity groups led by peer facilitators. Though topics will vary by semester, topics may include...
IGR course descriptions are updated mid-semester prior to each subsequent semester. Courses for the Fall semester are updated by the mid-Winter semester. IGR is rolling out new course changes for Fall 2020. 
Training students W19
ALA 320/SOC 320/PSYCH 310 (2 credit mini-course) ALA 320 is cross-listed with Sociology 320 and Psychology 310. Students interested in Training in Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation should read through the information below and complete an online Training...
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ALA 321/SOC 321/PSYCH 311 (3 credit course with the option of enrolling in ALA 270 for an additional 2 credits) Students interested in Practicum in Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation should read through the information below and complete an online...
The Patricia Gurin Certificate of Merit in Intergroup Relations is awarded to graduating undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated academic mastery in intergroup relations. The award's requirements include peer facilitation of intergroup...
Ginsberg Service Cord
The Ginsberg Social Justice Cord is worn with graduation caps and gowns to honor those graduates who have made significant contributions to social justice during their undergraduate or graduate years.  IGR undergraduate and g
New IGR course on social identity, social inequality, and social media

Facilitation Training Interest Form

Imagine being able to help your peers find their authentic voice, understand each other's experiences, become aware of critical social issues, and discover ways to bridge differences.

Imagine doing all of this while building lasting relationships and developing facilitation skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

Facilitation Training Interest Form

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