Intergroup Relations

Ever wonder what skills you learn in IGR, and what you would DO with them in the "real world"? If so, the articles below may help you learn more about the value of Intergroup Relations Education and how the skills gained in this program will make you more marketable, no matter what career path you choose. Also, check out the DialogueUP! podcast to listen to featured alumnx on their impactful careers and on how IGR skills continue to influence their work.

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Integrating IGR Skills Into Medical Field Experience

by Nicole Rixen, IGR Graduate Intern

When many people think about IGR, they immediately think about social justice. While it is true that IGR provokes us to think about social justice both on and off campus, I feel IGR provides so much beyond just understanding social justice. For example, when I talk with students, they tell me about all the skills and tools that they have gained and can use throughout their careers and lives.

Intergroup Relations Skills Are Useful Everywhere!

by Nicole Rixen, IGR MSW Intern

April 2015

One of the best parts about interning at IGR is the amount of overlap that happens between this program and other groups around campus. This semester, not only did I start my work at IGR, I also joined the Michigan Ballroom Dance Team. During my interactions with a team of over 200 people, I have had the privilege of meeting other people who are not only passionate about dance, but about social justice as well.