Intergroup Relations

Alumni Spotlight: Adam Falkner

IGR shines this month’s Alumni Spotlight on Adam Falkner, a 2007 Graduate of U-M and IGR. Adam was deeply involved in many aspects of the program while a student, and he went on to pursue a uniquely designed life path that incorporates many facets of his IGR experiences, which have significantly shaped who he is as an individual and a community leader. Adam works in the non-profit sector using arts and education to further dialogue and social justice, and is also currently pursuing a Ph.D.

Photo of Adam Falkner

2016 IGR Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient

IGR is delighted to have presented this year's IGR Outstanding Alumni Award to Theresa Q. Tran at the 2016 IGR graduation ceremony. Below is a short biography that describes Ms. Tran's impressive accomplishments and skills.

Congratulations, Theresa! We are honored to have presented you the award this year, and were so pleased you could join us and speak to our 2016 graduates.

Theresa Tran accepts the 2016 IGR Outstanding Alumni Award

Fond Farewell: A7med Alawami

IGR would like to send a fond farewell to A7med (Ahmed) Alawami, a long-time IGR community member. A7med has had a tremendous impact on the program through his commitment in many different avenues of IGR involvement including teaching, research, alumni outreach, and dialogue participation/facilitation. Most recently, A7med served as an instructor for IGR's Practicum in Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation course. A7med is moving to California and will soon be joined by his family.

Don't Use Facebook? We'll Catch You Up on the Most Popular IGR Hashtag

In the past schoolyear, IGR started a Facebook storytelling series that allows IGR community members to tell their stories in their own voices. This enormously popular series, called #thisisigr, was inspired by Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. The stories help IGR friends and colleagues to get to know each other, regardless of their specific avenues of involvement. Even if you do not use Facebook, you can catch up on some of the entries in this series, below. 


Profile story of Elena Ross