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2018 IGR Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient: Sabrina Claude, Ph.D.

With great honor, IGR will present the 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award (OAA) to Sabrina Claude, Ph.D. at IGR's 15th annual Award Ceremony and Graduation Celebration. Below is a biography of Sabrina's educational and professional accomplishments.  

Congratulations, Sabrina! We are honored to present you the award and are so pleased you can join us and speak to our 2018 graduates.

Sabrina Claude, Ph.D.

IGR Public Statement Regarding the Middle Eastern/North African Identity Category

IGR Public Statement Regarding the Middle Eastern/North African Identity Category

Ann Arbor, Michigan, December 7, 2017. We, the staff and faculty of The Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR) at the University of Michigan (U-M), support the student-led drive to implement the Middle Eastern/North African (ME/NA) identity category on all official university documents that collect demographic information. This initiative is in line with IGR’s mission for building dialogue across social group identity.

The Program on Intergroup Relations Announces a New Working Paper Series

IGR Working Paper Series

IGR’s Working Paper Series seeks to connect scholarship in social justice and dialogue-based education programs. The papers emphasize leading research and practice innovations conducted by leaders in the field of intergroup dialogue. All papers in the Series are subject to rigorous peer review by IGR faculty and staff.

They include:

IGR Working Paper Series cover image

IGR Outstanding Alumni Award (OAA)

In celebration of the outstanding work in social justice done by the Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR) alumni around the globe, we are excited to honor one exceptional alum of the program each April with the Outstanding Alumni Award (OAA)!