Intergroup Relations

CommonGround is a student-led, student-serving program—for student organizations, residence halls, Greek life, academic courses, and other student communities—to nurture social identity development and enhance group dynamics.

Through our 1.5-3 hour interactive workshops, trained graduate and undergraduate facilitators guide your group through a series of activities and discussions, raising understanding of social identity, prejudice, stereotyping, power, privilege, and oppression—and building a community of social justice advocates on campus.

Requesting a CommonGround workshop

Requests are currently being accepted for the spring/summer term. Requests for fall will open in August. Please carefully review eligibility and FAQ information before submitting a request.

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CommonGround is a program by students and for students. CommonGround does not provide faculty or staff participant workshops, but faculty and staff may request workshops for students in courses or student organizations they advise or supervise. Read more eligibility answers in our FAQs.


CommonGround workshops are designed to cover a variety of social identity topics and can be tailored to fit the needs of your community. These topics generally fall under the following categories and if you have thoughts on combining topics or including others not listed, you will have an opportunity to discuss these possibilities with a workshop manager during your intake meeting. 

  • Entering Communities
  • Social Identity 101
  • Communicating Across Identities
  • Allyhood
  • Power and Oppression in Groups
  • "American Dream"
  • Social Justice Journey

Read descriptions of these topics on our FAQs page.

Details and FAQs

Read our FAQs to learn more about process, topics, scope, and how to know if a CommonGround workshop is right for your group.


On This Topic

CommonGround FAQs

Frequently asked questions about process, topics, scope, and how to know if a CommonGround workshop is right for your group.

Getting involved in CommonGround

Since the inception of the CommonGround program in 2007, students have been at the very center of the work as workshop facilitators and/or curriculum specialists.

CommonGround programming team

The programming team oversees the development of CommonGround's curriculum, training and onboarding of facilitators, coordination of workshops, and curriculum.