Intergroup Relations

IGR's Adrienne Dessel Presents at National Conferences and Collaborates With Colleagues

At the Association for the Study of Higher Education, IGR's Dr. Adrienne Dessel, PhD, LCSW was on a panel put together by Sachi Edwards,  titled "Christian Privilege and Higher Education: Critical Perspectives on Interfaith Relations and Campus-Based Religious Diversity Initiatives" and her paper was titled "Christian Power and Privilege in Higher Education: Challenging the Dominant Narrative".

At the Society for Social Work and Research conference, she presented along with Michael Woodford and Kevin Goodman, a former IGR GSI, on a paper, "LGBT discrimination on campus and heterosexual bystanders: Understanding intentions to intervene. " With Nancy Rodenborg she presented a paper "Politics and religion: Influence on social work students' attitudes about LGBT policy" and at the North American Christians in Social Work  2016 she presented with colleagues on a paper "Christianity and Sexual Orientation in Social Work: An Intergroup Dialogue".

IGR Research Symposium Highlights Student Projects

Congratulations to IGR's Research Practicum students and IGR's research teams for a successful research symposium on Friday, December 11. The event showcased the research projects of UC370 students. 

Presented on Race/Ethnicity-White Racial Identity Dialogue Research: 
Alex Kime, Aravind Srivatsan, Ben Frey, Courtney Petersmark, Vicky Strohm

Presented on Arab/Jewish Dialogue Research:
Mohamed Fakih + Arielle Wisbaum (student in IGR's Arab/Jewish Dialogue)

Photo of IGR 2015 Research Symposium

FY15 IGR Publications and Presentations

Below is a summary of IGR's publications and presentations within the last fiscal year. 

Bolen, R., & Dessel, A. (2014). Is discrimination against Evangelical Christians a problem in social work education? A methodological review. In A. Dessel & R. Bolen (Eds.), Conservative Christian beliefs and sexual orientation in social work: Privilege, oppression, and the pursuit of human rights (pp. 195-218). Alexandria, VA: CSWE Press.

IGR Papers and Presentations (2013 - 2014)


Bolen, R., & Dessel, A. (2013). Is discrimination against Evangelical Christians a problem in social work education? Journal of Social Work Education, 49, 528-547.

Bolen, R., & Dessel, A. (in press). Conservative Christianity and social work: Converging and diverging perspectives. Journal of Social Work Education (LTE).

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