Intergroup Relations

The Program on Intergroup Relations Announces a New Working Paper Series

IGR Working Paper Series

IGR’s Working Paper Series seeks to connect scholarship in social justice and dialogue-based education programs. The papers emphasize leading research and practice innovations conducted by leaders in the field of intergroup dialogue. All papers in the Series are subject to rigorous peer review by IGR faculty and staff.

They include:

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IGR's Adrienne Dessel Presents at National Conferences and Collaborates With Colleagues

At the Association for the Study of Higher Education, IGR's Dr. Adrienne Dessel, PhD, LCSW was on a panel put together by Sachi Edwards,  titled "Christian Privilege and Higher Education: Critical Perspectives on Interfaith Relations and Campus-Based Religious Diversity Initiatives" and her paper was titled "Christian Power and Privilege in Higher Education: Challenging the Dominant Narrative".

At the Society for Social Work and Research conference, she presented along with Michael Woodford and Kevin Goodman, a former IGR GSI, on a paper, "LGBT discrimination on campus and heterosexual bystanders: Understanding intentions to intervene. " With Nancy Rodenborg she presented a paper "Politics and religion: Influence on social work students' attitudes about LGBT policy" and at the North American Christians in Social Work  2016 she presented with colleagues on a paper "Christianity and Sexual Orientation in Social Work: An Intergroup Dialogue".

IGR Research Symposium Highlights Student Projects

Congratulations to IGR's Research Practicum students and IGR's research teams for a successful research symposium on Friday, December 11. The event showcased the research projects of UC370 students. 

Presented on Race/Ethnicity-White Racial Identity Dialogue Research: 
Alex Kime, Aravind Srivatsan, Ben Frey, Courtney Petersmark, Vicky Strohm

Presented on Arab/Jewish Dialogue Research:
Mohamed Fakih + Arielle Wisbaum (student in IGR's Arab/Jewish Dialogue)

Photo of IGR 2015 Research Symposium

FY15 IGR Publications and Presentations

Below is a summary of IGR's publications and presentations within the last fiscal year. 

Bolen, R., & Dessel, A. (2014). Is discrimination against Evangelical Christians a problem in social work education? A methodological review. In A. Dessel & R. Bolen (Eds.), Conservative Christian beliefs and sexual orientation in social work: Privilege, oppression, and the pursuit of human rights (pp. 195-218). Alexandria, VA: CSWE Press.