Intergroup Relations

Reframing Campus Conflict

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Introduction to Intergroup Dialogues, 1st edition (2021)

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Edited by Stephanie Hicks

The book is required course material for IGR's ALA/PSYCH/SOC 122 dialogue course and is published and distributed by Cognella, Inc.

Reframing Campus Conflict, 2nd Edition (2020)

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Edited by Jennifer Meyer Schrage and Nancy Geist Giacomini
Chapter 4: Creating a Community of Inclusive Excellence Using a Spectrum Model Approach to Campus Conflict
By Jennifer Meyer Schrage and Monita C. Thompson

“This book serves to equip educators to practically apply transformative justice in higher education. The authors challenge readers to critically self-reflect and critique both individual and institutional prejudice. As student conduct professionals we are accountable to the preservation of the landmark legacy of Dixon v. Alabama. We have a duty to speak authentically, promote equity, and lead with unshakable integrity. This book highlights a meaningful spectrum of pathways for healing hurt, repairing harm, and lasting community connectedness.” - Kateeka Harris - Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) President-elect 2020

Approaches to Graduate Student Instructor Development and Preparation (2020)

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(In New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Volume 2020, Issue 163)
Edited issue by Kem Saichaie and Cara H. Theisen
Chapter 8: Preparing Inclusive Educators Through Transformative Learning
By Tazin Daniels and Shana Schoem

"The approaches to [graduate student instructor] (GSI) development and preparation highlighted here represent established approaches, as well as emerging and exploratory approaches that are responsive to needs in higher education. We hope to offer readers concrete ideas for supporting GSIs across a variety of contexts." - Editors' Notes

Creating Space for Democracy: A Primer on Dialogue and Deliberation in Higher Education (2019)

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Edited book by Nicholas V. Longo and Timothy J Shaffer
Chapter 8: Educational Justice Using Intergroup Dialogue
By Stephanie Hicks and Hamida Bhagirathy

"Through a diverse set of concrete examples and case studies, Creating Space for Democracy provides excellent guidance about how to create scaffolds, programs, and opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to engage in the kinds of dialogue and deliberation that are both sorely lacking and much needed." - Diana Hess, Dean, UW-Madison School of Education

Race Dialogues: Tackling the Elephant in the Classroom (2019)

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By Donna Kaplowitz, Sheri Seyka, and Shayla Reese Griffin
Forward by Patricia Gurin

"The authors thoughtfully address how dialogue can address the fundamental challenge of ensuring connections across racial/ethnic communities and groups as the United States become a majority non-White country.” – Patricia Gurin

Contested Issues in Troubled Times (2019)

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Edited book by Peter M. Magolda, Marcia Baxter Magolda, and Rozana Carducci
Chapter 2: Learning Dialogic Skills for Effective Campus Conversations
By Monita C. Thompson and Kelly Maxwell

"Contested Issues in Troubled Times provides student affairs educators with frameworks to constructively think about and navigate the contentious climate they are increasingly encountering on campus."

Faculty Identities and the Challenge of Diversity: Reflections on Teaching in Higher Education (2016 [2013])

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Edited by Mark A. Chesler and Alford A. Young Jr.

"The material in this book, which focuses on the experiences and approaches of faculty members of diverse backgrounds, can be a bridge between our IGR dialogue theory/practice and more mainstream classroom issues/pedagogies and departmental dynamics.” – Dr. Mark Chesler

Conservative Christian Beliefs AND Sexual Orientation IN Social Work (2014)

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Privilege, Oppression, and the Pursuit of Human Rights
Edited by Adrienne B. Dessel, Rebeccas M. Bolen

Dialogue Across Difference: Practice, Theory, and Research on Intergroup Dialogue (2013)

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By Patricia Gurin, Biren (Ratnesh) A. Nagda, and Ximena Zuniga

“Dialogue Across Differences is the culmination of a four-year collaboration across nine universities to conduct a rigorous, experimental study of intergroup dialogue that demonstrates a wide range of effects on intergroup understanding, positive intergroup relationships, and collaborative action.” – Dr. Patricia Gurin

Facilitating Intergroup Dialogues: Bridging Differences, Catalyzing Change (2011)

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Edited by Kelly E. Maxwell, Biren (Ratnesh) A. Nagda, and Monita C. Thompson
Forward by Patricia Gurin

"The least understood role in the pedagogy is that of facilitation. This volume, the first dedicated entirely to intergroup dialogue facilitation, draws on the experiences of contributors and on emerging research to address the multi-dimensional role of facilitators and co-facilitators, the training and support of facilitators, and ways of improving practice in both educational and community settings. It constitutes a comprehensive guide for practitioners, covering the theoretical, conceptual, and practical knowledge they need."