Intergroup Relations

Intergroup Relations Education Minor - Electives

Please see the IGR Electives page for a list of pre-approved courses which meet the Intergroup Relations Education Minor elective requirement.

If you are taking, or would like to take, a course that you believe would be a good elective for the IGR Minor, please first reference the elective criteria:

IGR Minor - Advising Hours

All advising appointments will take place at the IGR Office, located at the Galleria Building at 1214 South University Ave, 2nd Floor Suite B, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2592. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Minor in Intergroup Relations Education

Can I receive retroactive LSA Race & Ethnicity credit for the 122 Dialogues course that I took prior to the Winter 2015 semester?

Courses must be at least three credits in order to be eligible to count towards the LSA Race & Ethnicity requirement. Since our 122 Dialogues course was only two credits prior to W15, students who took dialogue before W15 will not be eligible for retroactive R&E credit for the course.