Intergroup Relations

About the Minor in Intergroup Relations Education

As of Winter 2015, undergraduate students have the ability to earn a Minor in Intergroup Relations Education. The minor formalizes a sequence of courses already offered to U-M students, and builds on 60+ years of intergroup relations theory and research.

Training and Practicum Students Discuss Their IGR Experiences

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Postings

Click HERE for the Fall 2016 IGR GSI Posting!

The Program on Intergroup Relations seeks graduate student instructors for two of its courses: UC 320/Psych 310/Soc 320: Training in Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation and UC 321/Psych 311/Soc 321: Practicum in Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation.  These two courses first train and then support, respectively, the student peer leaders who facilitate in IGR’s premiere intergroup dialogue program.

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Fall 2015

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IGR Info Session
Wednesday, October 21st, 5:15-6:15PM

School of Education Tribute Room (SEB 1322)
Food will be provided!

Intergroup Relations Education Minor - Electives

Please see the IGR Electives page for a list of pre-approved courses which meet the Intergroup Relations Education Minor elective requirement.

If you are taking, or would like to take, a course that you believe would be a good elective for the IGR Minor, please first reference the elective criteria:

IGR Minor - Advising Hours

All advising appointments will take place at the IGR Office, located at the Galleria Building at 1214 South University Ave, 2nd Floor Suite B, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2592. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Minor in Intergroup Relations Education

Can I receive retroactive LSA Race & Ethnicity credit for the 122 Dialogues course that I took prior to the Winter 2015 semester?

Courses must be at least three credits in order to be eligible to count towards the LSA Race & Ethnicity requirement. Since our 122 Dialogues course was only two credits prior to W15, students who took dialogue before W15 will not be eligible for retroactive R&E credit for the course.