ALA 171: Making the Most of Michigan


What are you hoping to gain from your time at Michigan? To take advantage of your experience, ALA 171: Making the Most of Michigan, is a 7-week activity-based course designed to help students learn about themselves and others, get involved, meet people, and learn about resources available at the U-M to further their holistic and professional development.

Students in the course:

  • Learn about and visit resources across the university campus to develop tools for professional growth
  • Deepen self-understanding through exploring identities
  • Build relationships with others and strengthen communication skills across differences
  • Grow as student leaders in the diverse Michigan community

Facilitated by upper-level students, this course creates an environment for students to share perspectives and ideas. It is recommended for all undergraduates during their first year of enrollment at UM. Ultimately, Making the Most of Michigan is making Michigan yours!  

Course requirements

Attend class conducted weekly, complete assignments, and participate in a showcase during the last class session.

Intended audience

Students in their first year at U-M.   


In person   


Please email any questions about the course to [email protected]


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