ALA 220: Foundations of Intergroup Relations


This introductory course will examine the history of various social identity groups in the United States including identities based on race/ethnicity, gender, religion, socio‐economic class, sexual orientation, and ability status. This course will also examine the theory behind how social identity groups form, and how bias develops (prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination). We will also explore how people develop an understanding of their own social identity group membership, how groups are impacted by privilege and power dynamics, and how to develop advocacy for groups to which one does not belong. Students can expect to participate in class through individual and group projects as well as a class discussion. While there will be some lecture, this course is primarily interactive and activity-based. 

The course fulfills LSA's Race & Ethnicity requirements


In person 

Fall 2023

Sections 001 and 002

Sections 003 and 004

  • Intended audience: For students who can attend during the scheduled class time to participate in class discussions and activities. 
  • Class format: Students will be engaging in class discussions and activities and will be expected to attend class during the scheduled meeting times. Accommodations will be made for students with excused absences.

This course is required to fulfill the minor in intergroup relations education. 


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