Intergroup Relations

ALA 122/SOC 122/PSYCH 122

(2 credits)


In Intergroup Dialogues, students will participate in semi-structured face-to-face meetings across different social identity groups led by peer facilitators. Though topics will vary by semester, topics may include race, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Through readings, in-class exercises with thoughtful debriefs, and participant journals and other assignments, students will explore their own identities, build relationships across different identities and learn about pertinent issues facing various social identity groups on campus and in society. This course creates a setting in which students engage in open and constructive dialogue, learn about themselves and others, and explore issues concerning intergroup relations, conflict, and social justice. Ultimately, the goal of this class is for students to develop greater intergroup empathy, develop skills to collaborate across difference, and tools to participate in social change. We encourage students who successfully participate in this class to consider taking our training and practicum courses and minoring in IGR. 

The textbook, "Introduction to Intergroup Dialogues: First Edition" edited by Stephanie Hicks, is required for the course and can be purchased online. The link to purchase the book:

Course Requirement: To enroll in the course, please complete the placement survey:

Intended Audience: For students who can attend during the scheduled class time to participate in class discussions and activities.

Class Format:  All aspects of this course will be in-person. This course will be offered synchronously where students are engaging in class discussions and activities. Students will be expected to attend class during the scheduled meeting times. 

Students need to complete an override request form to be considered for Intergroup Dialogues. 

  • Students can complete the placement survey.
  • Students will be admitted on a first come first serve basis with spaces reserved for each class (first year, sophomore, junior, senior)
  • Students will receive an email about the status of their override within three business days

Placement Survey:

Student Testimonials 

Overall I feel this dialogue has been one of the most educational and valuable experiences of my life. I know my life and outlook on things has changed a lot because of it, as well as the people involved… Hopefully I have had the same effect on others as they have [had] on me.


As an Engineer, I rarely get to participate in a class that was as fun and informative as this intergroup dialogue. I have learned more in this class than in any of my other classes, because of the fact that the topic…is so broad; it has influence over every aspect of daily life.


    ...I feel like I have become a better person than I was a year ago. I have to thank intergroup dialogues for that. It's been a tremendous journey.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do students enroll in ALA/PSYCH/SOC 122: Intergroup Dialogues?

    Students obtain an electronic override from our department in order to enroll in this course. To obtain an override, please submit the placement survey.

    Do I have to wait until my registration appointment begins to request an override?

    No. You can submit an override request form regardless of when your registration appointment begins. The earlier you submit your override request the better your chances of being issued an override for the course.


    Why is the dialogue topic I’m interested in not listed as a choice on the override request form?

    Not all dialogue topics are offered every term. Topics vary based on facilitator availability. 


    When does IGR begin issuing overrides?

    IGR begins issuing overrides when the course guides open. 


    After IGR begins issuing overrides, how long after I submit my override request form will I hear from your office?  

    You will receive an email with information about your override status within three business days of submitting the form.


    Once I’ve been issued an override, how long until it expires?

    You will have one week from the date of issue/ registration date to use your override before it expires. 


    What does the first week of classes look like?

    During the first class of the semester, all registered students are required to attend a mass meeting during class time. Students will receive an email with information about the location of the class prior to the beginning of the semester. 


    When will I find out what my dialogue topic is (race and ethnicity, SES, gender, religion, etc.)?

    Students are notified of their dialogue topic placement, as well as their facilitators’ names and class location during the first week of the semester.


    Am I guaranteed placement in my first dialogue topic choice?

    No. We do our best to place students in one of their top three topic preferences. 


    I will not be able to attend the first day of class—can I keep my spot in the course?

    Due to high student demand in the course, students must attend and sign in at the mass meeting in order to be placed into a dialogue section. Rare exceptions may be granted to this rule if there are special circumstances preventing you from attending the first class. 


    Is there a waitlist for dialogues?

    Yes. We have a waitlist because there is high demand and limited seats. Students will be issued an override based on application date and class standing to ensure that the dialogue sections are well balanced. 


    I’ve been placed on the waitlist. What are my chances of getting into the course?

    Students will receive an email notification if they are placed on the override waitlist. IGR moves students off the waitlist based on when they fill out the override request form. Spots may open up when students don't use their overrides or choose to drop the course. Students will be notified if their status changes.

    Students on the waitlist will be contacted prior to the first day of class to inform them of the status of their override.


    Are Intergroup Dialogues offered in the Spring or Summer terms?

    On occasion, dialogues are offered in the Spring. Students are encouraged to check the LSA course guide for Spring offerings.


    Please email any questions about the course or the application process to or call (734) 615-1458