IGR 25th Anniversary Alumni Weekend a Great Success


October 29, 2013

The faculty and staff of IGR, as well as the IGR Alumni Committee, are so pleased to have welcomed over 70 alumni back to Ann Arbor on October 4-5 for our alumni weekend. Held in honor of IGR's 25th anniversary, this event helped alumni to reconnect with our program and see how it has grown since they were students. 

A Meet and Mingle event was held on Friday evening. On Saturday, alumni had the chance to engage in familiar IGR activities and two dialogue sessions. The event culminated in a dinner at the beautiful Palmer Commons.

Want to see a video and some photos? 

General Event Photos

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Photobooth Photos

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Keep checking back for more photos in the galleries, and for an event video!

Below is a slideshow of alumni photos we have collected over the years.