IGR celebrates end of fall term

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Last term, students from across IGR dialogue courses came together for our final celebration, where they were honored with certificates and spoke about the impact of the program on their lives. Students shared stories of individual growth, a deeper sense of social understanding, and an appreciation for dialogue in not only their academic studies, but their personal development. 

“I can confidently say that this class helped me understand who I am better and has played a very important role in my personal growth, sparking my curiosity for social justice and allyhood, and giving me the tools and support I needed to take the next step. To [my facilitators], thank you for making this possible, I'll never forget you!”

A collage of group photos, each depicting a different group of students who participated in a dialogue course.














“It is always affirming to see the incredible growth that students in our dialogue courses undergo during the course of one semester under the tutelage of our peer facilitators,” said IGR Co-Director Donna Kaplowitz, who spoke at the event. “The final celebration is a testament to that growth.”














Students were able to hear from IGR faculty, chat with their peers and facilitators, and enjoy some much-needed cake after a long semester! Thank you to everyone who helped plan the event and all the students for participating.










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