A letter from the directors—fall 2013


Fall 2013

Dear friends,

Welcome to the Fall newsletter of The Program on Intergroup Relations at the University of Michigan (IGR)!

This season has gotten off to an amazing start. Among other great programming, we recently held two events in celebration of IGR's 25th anniversary. With the help of numerous dedicated alumni, friends, and volunteers, we proudly held a very well-attended campus-wide symposium on engaged pedagogies and an alumni reunion weekend.

The IGR 25th Anniversary Alumni Weekend gave us and our alumni a meaningful opportunity to re-connect, in IGR style! The weekend culminated in a dinner at Palmer Commons, where former IGR Co-Director and Emeritus Faculty Member Charles Behling challenged the audience to start to build a vision for the next 25 years of IGR. He posed several questions to guide our thinking: How will we strive to make the dialogic process ever more meaningful and impactful? How will we further advance our mission of bringing about social justice through education, in the coming years? How will we all work together in IGR to create conscious, compassionate, and engaged world citizens?

As we in IGR imagine the next 25 years and work to answer Dr. Behling's thoughtful questions, we look to all of you as well. IGR would not be what it is today without the valued involvement of our colleagues, alumni, friends, students and their families. If you would like to add your thoughts on IGR's next 25 years, we welcome you to share them with us.

We look forward to shaping another dynamic, growth-filled, and impactful 25 years with you.




Kelly Maxwell and Monita Thompson
The Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR)