On Michigan Daily podcast, Hicks talks help, harm, accountability

Stephanie Hicks

February 13, 2024  |  By Nick Pfost

As 2023 came to a close, the "Pass the MiC" podcast released a special two-part conversation with Stephanie Hicks, focusing on the ways that groups in Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities can help and hurt each other. 

Hicks is a lecturer at The Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR) and faculty affiliate of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender. Her teaching and research foci include diversity, equity, and inclusion policy in higher education, intergroup dialogue, and social justice education. 

In part one, "How We Hurt Each Other," Hicks dove into how different communities of color "can hurt each other through cross-community discrimination." The episode explored these communities’ conflicts and their historic attempts to reach white proximity. In part two, "How We Help Each Other," she discussed how different communities of color "can help each other through understanding one another’s struggles." The episode tackled ways to achieve solidarity with one another and how to be respectful and knowledgeable on what justice looks like for all.

Hicks also spoke about the work of IGR, accountability, and spending time with a "brilliant, cool group of students."

"Pass the MiC" is organized by Michigan in Color, The Michigan Daily's vertical for and about BIPOC students. It is available on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts.

Note: These episodes were recorded prior to U.S. Supreme Court rulings in SFFA v. Harvard and SFFA v. UNC. These effectively ended affirmative action within colleges, and some comments are now outdated.

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