Higher ed MA preferred admittance

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Consider a career in higher education. Through a unique partnership, students who complete the minor in intergroup relations education qualify for preferred admittance into the Master of Arts in higher education at the Marsal Family School of Education's Center for the Study of Higher Education and Postsecondary Education (CSHPE). CSHPE understands that students who minor in IGR develop a valuable skill set and knowledge base around issues that shape higher education.



If you are a senior in the IGR minor, are making satisfactory academic progress, and have a 3.2 GPA through junior year, you are guaranteed admission into the CSHPE master's program when you submit an application by the deadline. As an added plus, the requirement to submit GRE scores as part of your application is waived!

Application process

Complete the MA in higher education admission application by the stated deadline. If all the above conditions are met, a student will be guaranteed admission into the program and receive a waiver from the GRE requirement. Once admitted, students will select an area of concentration (click the link and scroll down to the Master of Arts in higher education heading, or see below):