Strengthening our minor in intergroup relations education

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March 27, 2024   By Nick Pfost

The Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR) has completed changes to the minor in intergroup relations education that will take effect in fall 2024. The updates include revisions to IGR courses and realignment of the minor’s curriculum. Together, the changes further strengthen the program’s foundation of social justice education, creating more pathways for students to design their individual passions to make an impact.

The IGR minor is a 15-credit program where students learn critical analytical skills, problem-solving in groups, intercultural leadership, and a synthesis of intellectual and practical skills to help them create a more just and equitable world. Its original two-track structure, centered on facilitation and research, is evolving to a more flexible model where students can integrate those long standing strengths with other approved courses and experiences.

In this new model, students will take introductory and capstone courses, and choose from among a curated set of options in the key areas of awareness and knowledge, skill building, and praxis. They will also continue to enjoy small class sizes, accessible instructors, and peer facilitators that are so important to learning and personal growth.

The new requirements will apply to students who declare in or after the fall 2024 semester. Those previously enrolled in the IGR minor will continue under the requirements that were in effect at the time they declared—and will also have the option to switch to the new minor requirements. Those interested should discuss their options with their advisor or contact [email protected].


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