What alumni are saying about IGR


October 10, 2013

On October 4-5, 2013, IGR held an alumni reunion in honor of our alumni weekend. It was a treasure for all of us to hear how IGR has impacted the lives of our former students. We thought we'd share some of these messages:

"Thanks for the walk down memory lane and bringing back all the great learnings that helped shape the leader I am."

"IGR started me off on this frustrating, enlightening, lifelong process of self-awareness. For that, I will be forever grateful."

"IGR changed my life in SO many positive ways - shaped me to be the person I am today! Thank you, IGR! <3 forever."

"I am so grateful for my IGR experience - for learning about myself and others and the world around me. Thank you for this beautiful awareness. I am forever indebted to IGR. Happy 25th Birthday!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! For having us this weekend and for all that you did for us during my time at Michigan. IGR was such an important community and experience for me & I am so grateful. Looking forward to continuing this alumni program."


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