Intergroup Relations

The IGR Insight handouts offer 11-pages of invaluable resources for those considering applying dialogic techniques on campus and beyond. Topics range from Strategies for Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom to Learning to Listen, Interrupting Bias, and How to Apologize as facilitation skills, and many more useful tools.

Please find print-ready PDF links for each individual page and a link to all of the pages in one PDF below. The gallery features the 11-pages as jpg files.

  1. What is Intergroup Dialogue?
  2. Learning to Listen
  3. Developing Community Guidelines
  4. The Four Levels of Oppression
  5. PASK
  6. Master Narrative, Multipartiality, and the Counter Narrative
  7. Intergroup Dialogue Co-Facilitation
  8. Strategies for Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom
  9. Microaggressions: A Primer
  10. Interrupting Bias: PALS
  11. How to Apologize: Re-Aact

Access them all as one PDF here