Intergroup Relations

Alumni Spotlight: Kartik Sidhar

Kartik Sidhar graduated with a degree in Sociology and General Biology in 2012. He is currently a student in the U-M School of Medicine. As an undergraduate student, Kartik was involved in several IGR classes, including being a dialogue participant and facilitating two dialogue classes (one on religion and the other on able-ism). 

Karthik Sidhar and Dr. Patricia Gurin

IGR 25th Anniversary Alumni Weekend a Great Success

The faculty and staff of IGR, as well as the IGR Alumni Committee, are so pleased to have welcomed over 70 alumni back to Ann Arbor on October 4-5 for our alumni weekend. Held in honor of IGR's 25th anniversary, this event helped alumni to reconnect with our program and see how it has grown since they were students. 

Alumni sitting at tables during event

Alumni Spotlight: Staci Daniels-Sommers and Patrick Howe

Staci Daniels-Sommers was very involved in a myriad of different IGR activities during her undergraduate years. She facilitated Intergroup Dialogue courses and worked with the Summer Youth Dialogues as a facilitator and a Program Manager. She graduated with her BA in 2007 and her MSW in 2011, both from U-M. Staci currently is serving as co-chair of the Alumni Committee, which is planning IGR’s Fall Alumni Weekend. She works for the Ginsberg Center at U-M and has a private psychotherapy and consulting practice.

Staci Daniels-Sommers and Patrick Howe