IGR's Adrienne Dessel presents at national conferences and collaborates with colleagues

Photo of Adrienne Dessel

December 2016

At the Association for the Study of Higher Education, IGR's Dr. Adrienne Dessel, PhD, LCSW was on a panel put together by Sachi Edwards,  titled "Christian Privilege and Higher Education: Critical Perspectives on Interfaith Relations and Campus-Based Religious Diversity Initiatives" and her paper was titled "Christian Power and Privilege in Higher Education: Challenging the Dominant Narrative".

At the Society for Social Work and Research conference, she presented along with Michael Woodford and Kevin Goodman, a former IGR GSI, on a paper, "LGBT discrimination on campus and heterosexual bystanders: Understanding intentions to intervene. " With Nancy Rodenborg she presented a paper "Politics and religion: Influence on social work students' attitudes about LGBT policy" and at the North American Christians in Social Work  2016 she presented with colleagues on a paper "Christianity and Sexual Orientation in Social Work: An Intergroup Dialogue".  

And the Council on Social Work Education, two papers: "Predicting Support for Palestinians Among Jewish Americans: The Importance of Education and Contact" with Robbie Dembo, a former IGR student, and Manal Yazbak-Abu Ahmad, an IGR Fulbright Fellow and "LGBTQ Topics and Christianity in Social Work: Tackling the Tough Questions " with social work colleagues. 

Papers related to intergroup dialogue and teaching this year included:

Joslin, J., Dessel, A., & Woodford, M. (2016). Social Work students’ experiences in a Christianity and sexuality minority intergroup dialogue. Social Work Education.

Dessel, A. & Rodenborg, N. (2016, online). Social workers and LGBT policies: Attitude predictors and cultural competence course outcomes. Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Wernick, L. J., Kulick, A., Dessel, A., Graham, L. F. (2016). Theater and dialogue to increase youth’s intentions to advocate for LGBTQQ people.Research on Social Work Practice, 26 (2), 189-202.

Dessel, A. & Corvidae, T. (in press). Experiential activities for engaging intersectionality in social justice Pedagogy. In K. Case (Ed.). Intersectional pedagogy: Complicating identity and social justice.

Dessel, A., Goodman, K., & Woodford, M. (2016,Jan. 28, Advanced online publication). LGBT discrimination on campus and heterosexual bystanders: Understanding intentions to intervene.Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

Dessel, A., Westmoreland, A., & Gutiérrez, L. (2016). Reducing heterosexism in African American Christian students: Effects of multicultural education courses. Equity & Excellence in Education, 49 (3), 241-253.

Dessel, A., & Rodenborg, N. (in press). An evaluation of intergroup dialogue pedagogy: Addressing segregation and developing cultural competency. Journal of Social Work Education.

Dessel, A. (in press). Experiential and dialogic pedagogy in a religious and ethnic conflict course.In E. St. John, C. Modey, & D. Schoem, (Eds.).Teaching the whole student. Stylus Press