Intergroup Relations

Graduate Student Interns

The CommonGround Graduate Interns supervise the two Program Coordinators, and oversee CommonGround as a whole. 

Zoe Levin:

Helping Others Understand the Skills Gained Through IGR

by Jonathan Vanderbeck, IGR Graduate Student Intern

I’m new to IGR and will be working here for a year as a graduate intern from the School of Social Work. It’s been a great first month and I have enjoyed diving into my work. However, there is definitely a bit of a learning curve when it comes to understanding the work and role of IGR, particularly around courses regarding dialogue and facilitation. 

When I told my parents back in the summer that I had secured an internship at IGR, the first thing they did was ask me, 

“What is intergroup dialogue?”

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Program Assistant

The Program Assistant supports the function of the Programming Team by analyzing workshop evaluations and providing feedback for facilitators and curriculum specialists. The program assistant also updates the Student Voice and Access databases, assisting in preparing for retreats, weekly meetings, workshops, and other events, and maintaining Common Ground materials.


CommonGround Program Coordinators

CommonGround's two program coordinators manage the workshop requests received by campus organizations, courses, and other groups seeking social justice education opportunities. They are responsible for meeting with requestors to determine the needs and goals of the requesting group, finding facilitators, and meeting with these facilitators to develop a workshop agenda. The program coordinators also coach the workshop facilitators to provide ongoing support and preparation.  


Introducing IGR's New Alumni Committee Co-Chairs

Kadija Deen

University of Michigan, 2008 English, BA Political Science, BA Temple University Beasley School of Law

Q: What was your IGR involvement when you were a student?

While a student at the University of Michigan, I participated in a Race & Ethnicity dialogue. Inspired by my experience, I went on to train and facilitate a Race & Ethnicity dialogue myself, and served as a facilitator with the CommonGround Program.

Q: What prompted you to get involved in IGR?

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